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Before I discuss ageless radiance clean beauty I have to announce my bias. Especially since I don’t use conventional beauty products. Because I make my own skin care products from hair conditioners to tooth powder. Including lotion even down to feminine pads.

And as far as make up goes I do have some mineral aka “clean beauty” make up somewhere. Besides, I only use it once or twice every several years.

Now, that said, I do understand and know that some of us feel like we have to have make up on. Plus I recognize that it takes some effort to get comfortable in our skin. To trust that we are beautiful as we are, flaws and all. We really need to work on that ladies. Such that make up does not define us. Because we believe that beauty starts within. And glows through as we make simple lifestyle changes to improve our quality of life.

Ageless radiance modesty is clean beauty

Ageless Radiance: What is Clean Beauty?

For starters clean beauty means a non-toxic beauty product made without harmful ingredients.

The beauty industry is effectively unregulated. Such much so that the last piece of regulation (a single page at that), was passed in 1938. which therefore means that companies are essentially free to do whatever they want.

Hence there’s no oversight in packing products that most women now use every day. For example, mascara, face wash and shampoo. With so many toxic ingredients, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. So companies can use whatever adjectives they like to market their products because it is a free for all.

Consequently, words like natural, green, eco etc; literally have no real definition. In other words, what it touts on the front in no way necessarily needs to match what lives on the ingredient label on the back.

Why is clean beauty important?

ageless radiance Clean beauty


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You all know I am a kitchen beautician. And I advocate that beauty starts in the gut.

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First eat yourself gorgeous. Then take supplements to make up for those enzymes and micro-nutrients that might be lacking in the diet. And finally make your own DIY beauty products.

Woman eating salad

Try this: Ageless Radiance Skin care Cream

If you are in transition purchase you beauty products with caution ladies please. That is if you care about your wellness and long term radiance.

Here: Fermented Breakfast Corn Paste or Pap

Fermented corn paste breakfast pap

Small doses of harmful chemicals add up

Clean beauty is a big deal because your skin absorbs toxins from your beauty and personal care products. On average there are thirteen hormone disrupting cosmetic chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls. Unless you do a cleanse regularly at least once a month. Or every 3 months, it only adds up as you get older. Vitamin C will also help get some of these toxins out by the way.

For many chemicals, once every several years will not cause serious harm. However, daily use over time, small doses add up. The lipstick you wear, the food you eat, and the soap contains harmful chemicals  that enter the body.

It then hides away in our bones or adipose tissues (fat tissue). While there makes a home and builds up over time. To make matters even more complicated, some chemicals can be more harmful in combination with others.

Hormone Disruptors

Their impact will go unnoticed for years.

Not all chemicals are bad. Water, after all, is a chemical. But some chemicals are toxic, and even tiny doses can be incredibly potent.

The Chemical that disrupts the endocrine (or hormone) systems are most dangerous in small doses. Since they mimic the way our bodies naturally interact with hormones.

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And finally when our bodies undergo certain periods of development. For instance in the womb, during infancy, puberty etc, we are more susceptible to hormone disruptors. which in turn can have big health effects later in life.

pregnant woman

Research your manufacturers and find one that uses Transparent labels
  • If you have to have the stuff, do your home work. Also be mindful of the fact that not all companies are transparent with labeling.

European countries have much more strict regulations, as does Canada.  There are several US-based companies that are making clean, non-toxic products as well. And ban even more than the 1,400 ingredients banned in those countries.

  • Beware of greenwashing. Greenwashing occurs when a company uses advertising and marketing to convey the false message that their products are good for you and/or the environment. Many companies want to appeal to conscious consumers who care about their health and sustainability.

Rather than implement practices to make healthier and environmentally friendly products. These companies resort to greenwashing their products to capture consumers’ attention without delivering on their promises.

Ageless radiance clean beauty labels

Tips: Use the Environmental Working Group website to find cleaner beauty and personal hygiene products.  EWG creates a Skin Deep Database that includes information on more than 61,000 products and rates them for safety.

Conclusively, I will continue to be a kitchen beautician. And have my mineral stash of make up for that once in a blue moon occasion. For all other things, I’ll find it in my kitchen. Try this Ageless radiance with Eggshell powder for brushing and exfoliating.

Lavender min tea

Do you have a favorite brand that is truly clean? Share it with us below


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