Ageless Radiance DIY Clean Mattress For Better Sleep

Given that skin rejuvenates while you sleep, seems logical right? That Ageless Radiance DIY clean mattress for better sleep is part of a healthy self care routine we don’t want to skip.

Diy clean mattress for ageless radiance

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What is the best DIY method to clean a mattress for better sleep and ageless radiance?

My go to cleaner/stain remover when available for everything is sunlight and oxygen. When my son or I have a stain in the summer I hand wash it and put it out in direct sun. By sunset the stain is gone completely. And no need for soap or bleach.

In mid spring and late summer I air out my mattresses for a few days each time. I drag them through the house, usually without any help, queen size. And put them under direct sunlight for an all day air bask and a good sun tan. I have seen online where you can use baking soda as well. I have not tried that but I will give you that option for the sake of variety. As for me, the good old sunlight does a fantastic job and is fool proof.

summer vacation

  1. Sunlight and Oxygen

The sun’s ultra violet light reacts with oxygen in the air and triggers a chemical reaction that destroys bacteria. Even algae and fungi are no match for this naturally self cleaning process that leaves that characteristic fading of your outside furniture if left out all season.

That’s how stains are removed. Such that if left out too long, discoloration will occur. I love my clothing, linen, mattresses, cushions, pillows, towels, furniture aired out in the summer as often as I can afford to leave them out there.

ageless radiance diy mattress cleaning sleeping outside

Anything I can get out for a little bit in the hot summer sun gets a sun bath. Why? Because it’s good house keeping and essential for ageless radiance and beauty you can feel.

We are talking overall wholesomeness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. I line dry my clothes any time I can even when there is no sun out just because I’m old school that way. Maybe, but I also believe oxygen like sunlight is a powerful natural cleaning agent and stain remover.

Laundry line

Essential oil infused Baking Soda

Measure out a cup of baking soda and add a few drops of lemongrass, lavender, mint or your favorite essential oil. Use a sifter or fine mesh strainer to sprinkle the baking soda directly onto the mattress.

Let it sit for about an hour to soak up the odors, then vacuum it up. I might do this before I air out my mattress in a couple of months. Baking soda is also a great natural household cleaning agent.

Baking soda and essential oil

How do you clean your mattress??


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