Ageless Radiance in Financial Freedom

 To me Ageless Radiance in financial freedom means living with integrity by living within your means. Financial freedom means not living in fear of money or fear of no money. Fear can not only affect our health and wellness but the stress thereof affects the body and the skin.

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When you have a healthy relationship with money you’ll enjoy less stress, better health, and a more peaceful work and home life. You’ll be able to do more of what you love and be free from worry and guilt. This promotes wholesomeness in the body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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What is financial freedom

Financial freedom is not about how much money you have in the bank. Learn to live within your means and you would have achieved financial freedom. I do realize that it is easier said than done with cost of living rising exponentially but pay rate not increasing accordingly.

It is increasingly difficult to live within your means. But with lots of prayer, planning and discipline you will thrive and be confident with what you have.

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Ageless Radiance in Financial freedom

Financial freedom promotes Ageless Radiance 

  • No excessive spending means you are strongly grounded financially. This promotes peace of mind, better sleep and healthier skin.
  • Having less makes your life less stressful and your body will be healthier for it. For instance, not having a car saves you from the headaches of fixing it. Besides, you do not have to be filthy rich to live a happy and comfortable life. Afterall, money cannot buy happiness and laughter with people you love.
  • Keeping up appearances can be very tasking and stressful. Whereas living within your means builds character. Makes you content and humble. You will exude true undeniable beauty and ageless radiance that comes with the confidence of financial freedom.
  • You will only achieve financial freedom by learning how to live within your means. It does not matter how wealthy or how poor you are. Financial freedom is living within your means. Promotes a healthy, thriving, stress free lifestyle. Better sleep, better relationships, builds character, confidence and ageless radiance for beauty you can feel!!
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