Ageless Wild-Crafted Healing Spice

Ageless wild-crafted healing spice promotes beauty from inside out and protects from dis-ease.

They contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, anti-carcinogenic, and glucose- and cholesterol-lowering activities. As well as properties that affect cognition and mood.

Healing spices and avocado

Moreover, frequent consumption of spicy foods lowers risk of death from cancer and ischemic heart and respiratory system diseases.

Esese, Sese, Prekese, 4 sides, 4 côtés, Tetrapleura tetraptera

Mbongo, healing black stew: Prekese, Esese, Sese, Tetrapleura Tetraptera

The esese, also called 4 sides is the fruit of the tetrapleura tetraptera. Widely used in traditional medicine. It is beneficial in treating diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, back pain. More importantly, an essential key ingredient in Mbongo healing black stew.

And also has several virtues and treats painful periods. As well as a contraceptive. All while a good care for the skin and ageless radiance.

Serves well as a spice in sauces and other preparations. Meanwhile it is very effective against vaginal itching, it even allows to give a good intimate smell to the woman. This is primarily thanks to its perfume but also burns well as incense for the house.

For intimate health

In a saucepan of water, add Prekese and bring to a boil. Take an intimate tea beauty bath with it and also drink some twice a day. It cleans from the inside and promotes fertility, clearer skin and ageless radiance. As well as treats infertility in women. Prekese also

Cameroon wild-crafted spices: 4 sides, 4 côtés, Prekese, Sese, Esese, Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit

  • Combats painful menstruation
  • Helps against fibroids
  • Fights myoma
  • effective against cysts
  • detoxifies the belly of all impurities
  • Cleans blocked tubes
  • solves menstrual problems and infertility
  • To make Prekese tea without boiling:
    Soak 4 sides in 1 liter and a half of water for 24 hours. Drink half a glass in the morning and evening as a cleanse for 2 days. In 1 week, do it 3 more times resting 1 day between each 2 day cleanse cycle.You will feel some mild nausea and minor pain on the left side the first day of the cleanse.
  • However, it’s normal signs that the tea is working properly. If you can persevere through this for a couple of days you will see how much gunk it removes from your system.
    Mbongo wild-crafted healing spices
    PS: Because it detoxifies and increases menstrual flow, better not to cleanse right before or during the monthly cycle.For Ageless radiance and beautiful skin
  • Add to your cream, lotion, shea or cocoa butter for daily use twice a day.
  •  It cleanses the complexion and protects from many skin problems.
  • Alternately, use the tea to make your own DIY serum, lotion or cream


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