Blessed are the meek…

…for they will inherit the earth. (MattitYahu 5:5). The Beatitudes from the famous sermon on the mount; the most powerful self help book there is. Wisdom from above spoken by the Word made flesh, Messiah Yahshua. It starts off by saying

“Blessed are the poor…”

Now I will not go into the odds and ends of “… in spirit…” weather Yahshua actually said it or a scribe added it later is besides the point and irrelevant to me. It goes further to say

“…for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Mattityahu 5:3

Last week I talked about how miraculously miraculous my trip to the immigration office in Greer SC was. In spite of the attacks from the adversary I had that week because the enemy hates to see Yah’s anointed thrive and succeed.

This week I am taking time to just reflect, meditate and be grateful to יהוה our Elohim for Who He is to us and how He has been faithful to me, in spite of me. I have so much to be grateful for.

Yah is putting us through refining fire, sharpening us spiritually and teaching us through our personal circumstance. This threatens the adversary because it comes only to kill steal and destroy the abundant life that Abba created us to have. Knowing this the evil one is desperately throwing those fiery darts to cause us to stumble. You know what, be grateful for that. If you were not important to the Creator, the accuser would not care about you either. The only reason it went after Iyob (Job) was because Yah was bragging about Iyob.


If you present a threat to the devil so much so that it is doing all in it’s power (and failing) to trip you up, steal your joy, cause you to despair, lose faith; it is using anyone, everyone and anything, count it a blessing; stand even firmer. Cry if you need to, scream when necessary; rebuke the adversary and it will flea from you. Any adversary, in any situation. It does not matter what shape, form or person it comes in. You can tell by their fruit.Stand your ground, let it know whom you serve no matter how many times you have to say it make sure they hear you and it is very clear.

Make a declaration of faith; stay in communion with your Abba above…be grateful that Abba is bragging about you so much He is letting you go through refining so that He can draw you even nearer to Him; His daughter, His son and it’s driving the adversary nuts because you are clothed in the Armour of Elohim nothing the adversary throws at you will stick. It is all temporary and you shall come out victorious, encouraged, strengthened and mature.

Find יהוה (YHWH) in everything you do, everyday. Acknowledge Him even when you make a wrong turn while running late. Show gratitude because you missed that drunk/tired or texting driver that was not paying attention as they came around that curb and Abba steered you off to keep you safe. Acknowledge Him even in the things that seem so small like praying for a watermelon stand in the middle of summer in South Carolina and one being right around the corner.

Aaronic Blessing.

Thank Him even when He seems silent. He is working on our behalf, always. Stand firm, steadfast in your faith in the Almighty creator of the universe. He will reward you with treasures close to Him where thieves cannot go in and steal them.

What does being grateful have to do with being “meek” or being “poor?” Give a poor meek person a couple of millions of dollars, an island and lots of money see how it changes them in a blink of an eye. Earthly riches have a way of making people forget who they are and where they came from.

Homemade wall decor!

If you are rich, be grateful for your blessings; if you are not be grateful. There is always one worst off than you no matter how low you think you are. A homeless man was sitting on the side of the street crying about not having a home when a creeple crawled by and he dried up his tears and say I’m grateful for having my two legs.


Right now this very second, somebody somewhere in the world does not have a meal, has not had one for days but they are grateful to be alive; someone does not have a home but they are grateful for the rug they are able to lay on; most children in several third world countries do not have shoes or clothes to change into every day but they are grateful for the simple things that Abba gives us all freely. Remember to be grateful for every second of everyday without waiting till thanksgiving or the secular hol-i-days to pretend because at that point it does not count. You will be too stressed to even be grateful.

Numbers 10:35/Psalm 68:1

Yah is in control. Lets count our blessings one by one and see what YHWH has done for us; remember to be grateful.

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