Broken Record-Setting things straight for the record
Himmie man: “For the record i offered, again as before, to assist you in a transition to …….
The entire conversation is accessible to the court.
Her: I do not like green eggs and crap, I will not eat it himmie man.
Move on and “LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE” I will not take this anymore.

I was doing really well for myself you see, until you showed up himmie man.
Thanks but no thanks not a chance, no way nothing good comes from you.
Nada, not a darned thing, you’ve done it all but ruined me.
Wasted my time, shattered my dreams; what kind of help was that you say?
Don’t help me , Pretty please

Pretty please don’t patronize me, and please don’t tell me what to do.
Don’t call me names, don’t insult me or tell me to calm down anymore.
Don’t accuse me of all the things you do or treat me like a stupid fool.
Don’t accuse me of all the things you do, I do not like it himmie man.
That’s quite enough of help you see, just leave me be away with you.

Stop texting me, you wicked man. And please don’t intimidate me.
Don’t need your help, take that to court. A broken record is what you are.
The only help I got from you is help to ruin me you see.
So for the record, let’s set things straight I do not need your help you see!!

Broken Record

If only I could turn back time, I wish I never met you man.
You want to help set the record straight, don’t drag me through your trifling mud.
No chance no way himmie man, I will  not eat green eggs and crap!!


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