Decorate On A Budget

Decorate on a budget is all about DIY.

How do I beautify my home on a budget?

Decorate on a budget

If you want to Decorate On A Budget and make your home look amazing without spending a fortune Do-it-yourself. That’s it folks, that is the secret ingredient. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

There are plenty of ways to transform a room from top to bottom spending merely hundreds instead of thousands. In fact, with a bit of time and creativity, you can. Sometimes, you can give a room a whole new look for less than $100.

Decorate on a budget, sunroom

To redo a room for as little money as possible, you need to approach it differently. Instead of changing everything, your goal should be to keep as much as you can. while finding ways to make your old stuff look new. Use things you already have or can pick up secondhand. And instead of bringing in pros, you should do the work yourself whenever possible.

Do It Yourself!!

Do-it-yourself decorate on a budget allows you to customize your home, apartment, condo, or room with homemade accents. In essence, transform your space without remodeling.

Decorate on a budget, live plants

How can I decorate my home for free?

I’m glad you asked. This might be challenging but it is ot impossible. With planning, creativity and imagination you can make some great decorations that look like a million bucks but cost $0.

How can I make my house look good with no money?

  • Rearrange your furniture. It’s like getting a brand new piece of room that you shopped in your own home.
  • Recycle old jars into vases and center pieces. Wash and fill with free rocks from the yard or neighbourhood walking trail and DIY dry bouquets.  You can use dry pine cones, colourful dry branch clippings to make a nice potpourri-like display.
    Decorate on a budger, dry flower accents

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    Free flowers

    Australian Pink Tea tree

  • Bring the outside in with natural organic ingredients you can find around your home or apartment. Flowers, branches, river rocks and pine cones.
  • Clip flowers or branches from your yard. If you don’t have any well, most public buildings have pretty lush flowers that bloom wither and wilt. I don’t know if this is good advice. But, I went to a nearby church and picked a lot of their rose of sharons almost every week. They had the most beautiful red and pink blooms that were irresistible. Try it at your own risk!! You can always ask for permission I’m pretty sure they would not say no. Plus, a lot of flowering shrubs bloom more with frequent trimmings. So, I was probably contributing a lot to those beautiful blooms by cutting them frequently. I still have dry bouquets all over the house from those that I made in March and April.

    Lavender bouquet

  • Use your fruit bowl to add color to any space.
    Decor, fruit basket


  • De-clutter your shelves, table tops, counter tops and storage areas. I am some what of a neat freak. I have a healthy obsession with cleanliness so I everything has a home. Even my 2 year old knows that. He can make as much of a mess as he wants with all his toys. But when he is done, everything makes it’s way back home. I don’t even help him unless I just recently switched homes. Which I have had to do recently to accommodate new toys.
    Decorate on a budgetDe-cluttering assures that there is a home for everything and creates more space for living.

    Make your own frames
  • Display the family’s memories, unique items and wares
  • Dust off those old photographs and display them proudly.  Hang them on your prominent walls – in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Create a gallery in a galley or mudroom. Photographs are a perfect way to personalize your space.
  • Frame printables or public domain images. Search google for free printables and public domain images. You can find lots of them in all of these printable hops. But they are all over Pinterest ready to be printed straight from your computer. If you have a cute dish towel in your drawer frame it.
  • Add an oversize mirror to your space to open it up and enhance natural lighting.
    Decorate on a budget, framed printable

    Use Decorative pillows
  • Dig up any fabric swatches that you have and put them to use either individually or collectively, By covering pillows and bolsters for your bed or couch. You can create a patchwork pattern. Or you can frame those swatches that are most interesting and interesting to create fun and colorful wall art. This DIY decorative pillow tutorial will help.
    decorative pillows

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  • Give curtains, sheets, pillows and bedding a new look by adding ric-rac, pompoms or ribbons to borders. By simply adding these to the borders an ordinary pillow (sheet or bedding) can become more whimsical, sophisticated and elegant. You will be amazed at how such a simple thing can be so transforming!
    Decorate on a budget,  freshen linens

    Re-stain or paint old furniture

Do you have left over paint in the dark room or garage? Use it to give a new look to any furniture in your home that is looking drab.You can use spray paint, wall paint (just make sure you prime first), chalk paint or mineral paint  This post with The Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture can help.
yellow furniture

Free furniture
  • Check Craigslist and Facebook buy/sell/grade groups for free furniture and decor.

People who need to move in a hurry, are purging after an estate sale. Or have large pieces of furniture they just want hauled away. Often post items for free to whomever is willing to pick it up quickly.

  • Ask friends and family for furniture they no longer use and are willing to part company. My move from the domestic violence shelter was made possible by friends and the community loving on me. How else would I have furnished an empty two bedroom apartment with no money and no job. All glory and honor to יהוה – YHWH Elohim for His faithfulness and provision.

What is your favourite budget decor tip?


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