Fall Fashion For Women

Fall fashion for women in particular is all about inspiring you to say who you are without speaking. And consequently develop your own personal style. Trending back to school fashion

Generally speaking fashion is a distinctive expression traditionally tied to style culture seasons and collections. Whereas a trend often connotes a very specific aesthetic expression. And often lasting shorter than a season.

Style is an expression that lasts over many seasons. And is often connected to cultural movements and social markers, symbols, class and culture (ex. BaroqueRococo, etc). According to sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, fashion connotes “the latest fashion, the latest difference.”

 How can I create my own style?

How do you succeed in life??

How to be stylish

  • Firstly Stay true to yourself
  • Then Be confident
  • However, wear what makes you comfortable
  • Don’t try to be a carbon copy of someone you admire. Just because something looks good on someone does not mean it will fit you the same way. Each person is shaped differently. size 5 jeans will not fit every size 5 person the same way
  • Go window shopping and try things on to get a feel of what you like style wise. Try different combinations of outfits.
  • Observe how others put different combinations of outfits together.

    How can I create my own style?

    Senior style

  • Build a wardrobe around a few classic staples that never go out of style no matter what the fashion trend is. For me those staples are jeans, tunics, dresses and skirts. A nice pair of sandals for warm weather and a nice pair of boots for colder days.
  • Chose a signature silhouette that suits your body and shape. This will help you pick fashion pieces that complement your body. So you can be confident, comfortable and empowered by your style. Your silhouette could be high waisted skirts with cropped tops. Or mini dresses with chunky boots. Once you know what fits you best, stick to that silhouette and buy variations of it.
  • Clean out your wardrobe to remove things that do not fit your current style.
  • Consider your daily routine when choosing an outfit for the day and be comfortable. Chose colors based on your activities for the day. A field trip day might be a great day to wear that beautiful red blouse with ruffled sleeves that might be too fancy to wear to class.
  • Accessorize with sunglasses, belts, necklace, earrings, hats, bracelets and hair bands.
  • Don’t be too put together. Always be stylish no matter what. Sometimes the best days are the days you didn’t pick out something to wear the night before.
  • Be well groomed. Clean nails, clean hair and moisturized skin that glows is the most important component of your style.See also: Fashion Style: Back to school fashion

What do you wear in the fall

Fall fashion, head wrap

Similarly as mentioned above, start your fall fashion style with a few wardrobe basics and build up through the season.

  • Ultra cozy sweaters and cardigans you can wear with anything
  • Scarfs, gloves and knit hats
  • Comfy pair of jeans
  • Button up shirts
  • Jean jacket
  • Tees and tights for layering
  • Long skirts
  • Dress pants
  • Dresses
  • Boots and simple flats that fit your style
  • A  nice coat that fits your style.
    Fall fashion for women, boots
    With these wardrobe basics for women’s fall fashion, the options are endless. Besides, you can layer up as the season gets colder.

When should I start dressing for fall

Are you wondering when exactly you should start stowing away your tank tops and summer dresses? Basically, you should do it gradually.
Fall fashion gold dress

  • After US Labor Day

The US Labor Day falls on September the 2nd. As you may already know fall usually starts mid to late September. So, after Labor Day, you should start packing away some of your thin and flowy summertime essentials that can’t be layered or transitioned into the cooler season.

  • Mid-September

By mid-September, the temperature should already start to drop down, especially during nighttime. This is the right time to start layering your clothes. For example, you can still rock your favorite summer dress but don’t forget to bring your thick, wooly cardigan and wear leggings underneath.

fall fashion jean jacket

  • When it starts to get cold

By mid-September, you should make a habit of checking the weather forecast every day. Pay extra attention to the expected temperature. If it’s going to be cold all day, then start rolling out your fall essentials. Think ankle boots, over-sized sweater, thick tights, and statement coats.

  • Autumn Equinox

Lastly, when September the 22nd rolls in, you should have already stowed away all of your summer clothes. Because that’s when the Autumn Equinox falls and when to start wearing fall clothes completely. Technically, fall already starts, so it’s a no-brainer that you should start wearing thick and heavy outfits.

Fall fashion for women, coat

What do you wear on a hot fall day

You can still rock the best cold weather trends even if you live in a warmer area. My hot day fall fashion for women recommendation includes a creative mix of summer spring and fall fashion.

African Fashion wears

While you may not be reaching for your wool or shear-ling coats, living somewhere with warmer temperatures has its perks. For starters, it means you can truly embrace transitional pieces like sleeveless sweaters, lightweight jackets, and ankle booties.

Another? You don’t have to buy an entire new wardrobe — incorporating your spring coats and summer dresses will give you the chance to recycle some of your favorite pieces from other seasons. The key to it all is learning the art of layering. Not only will you look chic, but you’ll also be able to keep cool when the sun is blazing and stay warm when it becomes chilly at night.

Fall fashion for women, hot fall day

In order to be ready for that hot fall day, have your wardrobe ready with these basic pieces.

  • Lightweight coats and jackets
  • sleeveless turtlekneck
  • Open toe boots and mules
  • Long sleeve mini dress
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Layer up with camisoles
  • Hat and scarf
    Fall fashion mini dress


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