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What is style in fashion terms

In general terms style is a way of forming, arranging, doing or saying something. In fashion terms therefore, is a unique form of clothing. Style can be defined therefore as a way of arranging ones appearance. Fashion trends are constantly changing. However, we have the freedom to chose if our personal style is to stay en vogue (keep up with the trend) or do our own thing. I cannot keep up with the trend so I am always doing my own thing and you know, it’s always trendy.


Being out of style can be a powerful fashion statement that is quite appealing. Creating your own style asserts confidence and leaves no room for error especially if you are on a budget, well, like me :). There are several fashion styles that never go out of style no matter what the trend is

How can a girl be stylish – How can I create my own style?

Field Trip

How to be stylish

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Be confident
  • Wear what makes you comfortable
  • Don’t try to be a carbon copy of someone you admire. Just because something looks good on someone does not mean it will fit you the same way. Each person is shaped differently. size 5 jeans will not fit every size 5 person the same way
  • Go window shopping and try things on to get a feel of what you like style wise. Try different combinations of outfits.
  • Observe how others put different combinations of outfits together.

    How can I create my own style?

    Senior style

  • Build a wardrobe around a few classic staples that never go out of style no matter what the fashion trend is. For me those staples are jeans, tunics, dresses and skirts. A nice pair of sandals for warm weather and a nice pair of boots for colder days.
  • Chose a signature silhouette that suits your body and shape. This will help you pick fashion pieces that complement your body. So you can be confident, comfortable and empowered by your style. Your silhouette could be high waisted skirts with cropped tops. Or mini dresses with chunky boots. Once you know what fits you best, stick to that silhouette and buy variations of it.
  • Clean out your wardrobe to remove things that do not fit your current style.
  • Consider your daily routine when choosing an outfit for the day and be comfortable. Chose colors based on your activities for the day. A field trip day might be a great day to wear that beautiful red blouse with ruffled sleeves that might be too fancy to wear to class.
  • Accessorize with sunglasses, belts, necklace, earrings, hats, bracelets and hair bands.
  • Don’t be too put together. Always be stylish no matter what. Sometimes the best days are the days you didn’t pick out something to wear the night before.
  • Be well groomed. Clean nails, clean hair and moisturized skin that glows is the most important component of your style.

What should a high school freshman wear on the first day of school.

First day of school

What should I wear on the first day of school?
  • Denims never go out of style: Jeans, skirts, jackets etc.
  • Simple dresses: chose a length you are comfortable in. Dresses are easy to dress up or dress down with sneakers, boots or heels.
  • Peasant tops
  • Maxi tunics
  • Backpack: The type of back pack you carry is part of your personal style. Chose neutral colors that will blend well with all your outfits and make a fashion statement
  • Basic classic sneakers
  • Ankle boots
  • Accessories: Glasses, belts, bracelet, watch, earrings, neckless etcAccessories


How do you make the perfect school outfit – How do you dress cute for school

High school

Learn how to mix and match fashion pieces that fit you best, develop your own personal style. This way, you will be able to easily put together the perfect cute styles for school each day. Go window shopping and try different fashion pieces on. Or experiment with what you already have and re-arrange your wardrobe. Develop a silhouette or signature look. This will make it easy for you to find matching accessories for your cute outfits you put together.

Wardrobe closet

I go in my closet, try things on, pair them together and hang them up as a set once I find an outfit I like. This way when I’m ready to go my outfit is ready. And all I need to do is decide which of the ready made outfits I want to wear. Saves on prep time instead of trying to find a cute outfit on the fly.

The Perfect School Outfit:

This can be a great confidence booster. Although you want to be comfortable, you also want to show case your personal style.

Getting ready

  • Always start with the basics. Those pieces that are always in style no matter what is in style. A comfortable but stylish top and a good pair of jeans are classic school staples.
  • If wearing a skirt or dress make sure they are the appropriate length.
  • Chose a matching pair of boots, sneakers or sandals.
  • Be prepare with a stylish jacket or cardigan if the class gets cold
  • Accessories are a good way to personalize your style just don’t over do it.
  • Your back pack doesn’t have to be boring. A unique colourful messenger bag can be a roomy stylish and cute alternative to a standard backpack. Chose a bright color that stands out.
    back to school

    Dressing cute for school

    It is as easy as developing your own personal style which you should be an expert at by now.

  • Challenge yourself to try a different color everyday. You don’t have to go buy a new wardrobe to make this happen. Accessorize. Scarves, belts, hats, vests, jewelry and shoes make it easy to add color and flare to any outfit. A lavender scarf over plain white t-shirt, lavender earrings and purple flip-flops or sandals make for a daring bold look. Add a belt to a boring dress or tunic.
  • Find a signature item. Mine is a flower in my hair. Although I wear it everyday, I still get complements everyday from at least one person. I wear different colors to match my different outfits. When I forget to wear it, people who know me where my flower is. I’m obsessed with beautiful bright sweet smelling flowers. And so I found a way to incorporate something I’m passionate about into my personal style.
    Trending back to school fashion
  • Use different combinations of outfits
  • Throw on a cardigan
  • Wear colors that complement your complexion.
  • Avoid clothing you dislike.
  • Match colors that blend in well together. If you like blue and have several blue t-shirts. When colder weather comes around get a blue vest, blue bracelet or watch with a blue strap. Blue nail polish and blue sneakers. That gives you several new outfits with items you already have.
  • Most importantly, be you and have fun. Your smile is the most important part of your style.What is your favorite back to school style? Please share in the comments below.


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