Grounding: Connecting To Life-Source

We are made from earth and ground. So consequently, Grounding is Connecting To Life-Source. Grounding or Earthing fundamentally re-connects us with the Earth’s energy. Our life-source for healing, wholesomeness, longevity, ageless radiance. As well as decreases inflammation  for beauty you can feel.

Simply put, our ancestors walked barefoot and slept in contact with Earth. There is a fundamental connection between us and the Earth that provides limitless natural healing energy.

Grounding for Healing

This connection is lost in our modern world today. Because we no longer walk barefoot disconnects us from our life-source so to speak. Grounding or earthing connects us to this life-source. Hence promotes life and decreases inflammation. It also provides healing, wholesomeness, longevity, ageless radiance and beauty you can feel.

What is Grounding or Earthing to Life Source

Living indoors and wearing non conductive rubber soled shoes most of the time, creates a major disconnect.

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Our bodies are very conductive. It also craves the lost connection to the earth’s core to maintain our energy levels and self heal. Grounding is an essential part of a Beauty self-care routine!!

So the Earth is basically a six sextillion (that’s a six followed by twenty-one zeroes) metric ton battery. And the sun continues to replenish this energy by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its deep-down molten core.

Therefore natural rhythmic pulsations of energy flows through and emanates from the surface of the Earth. This keeps the biological machinery and global life running in rhythm and balance. And that includes you and me!

Unfortunately, we live like cut flowers, detached from the much needed healing nourishing Earth’s energy. Earthing, also known as grounding, simply reconnects us to the Earth’s healing energy.

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How Long is Therapeutic Grounding?

The earth’s surface has a negative electric charge. And when it comes in contact with human tissue, there is an equalization. The body can take on extra electrons and build up a static electric charge. This is called the Earthing hypothesis.

For healing, stay barefoot on the Earth, beach, mineral-rich lake, spring or sea for at least 20 minutes, twice daily.

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