How do you do it?

I’m glad you asked…Prayer!! We sang a song growing up in Cameroon: Prayer is the key, prayer is the key, prayer is the master key. I have come to a new appreciation of the reality of those words that sound so simple and cliche; prayer truly is the master key. Yahshua started with prayer and ended with prayer, prayer is the master key, HalleluYah!!

Webster defines prayer as an earnest request/petition to Elohim…that is over simplified. To me, prayer is a complex spiritual ritual that invokes all aspects of the cosmic covenant. The covenant that has it’s origins in the garden of Eden, a long lost forgotten fellowship between our Almighty Creator יהוה (YHWH) and us created in His image for the sole purpose of fellowship with Him. It can be as simple as having a conversation with Yah as if I was having a conversation with my best friend or as complex as connecting with Him through that breath (Ruach) that is activated in us when we chose Him as our Master and King.

When I’m overwhelmed, I cry out for help, when I’m exhausted, I say a prayer, when I’m angry, a quick prayer takes the edge off…when I’m happy, elated, grateful, overjoyed I say a prayer of gratefulness. Prayer is how I commune with the Holy one who gives me hope that there’s a purpose for everything even when I can’t see past my obstacles. There is a song that says that this mountain is just a grain of sand, I can’t remember who sang it or what the exact words are but I know that one day I will look back and realize that what I’m going through now is preparing me for greater things to come, to serve Him better, to love Him more, to trust Him stronger and to seek Him harder.

Every obstacle is an opportunity for a miracle and boy do I have some miracles to talk about. Loosing my biological father at 17 was a pivotal moment in my spiritual journey. I am not a saint by any means, praise Yah for Yahshua our Messiah and advocate who takes away our sins, and pleads on our behalf. Messiah clothes us in His righteousness and we inherit the Kingdom of Heaven as Heirs through Yahshua our big brother and friend.

Prayer opens a portal, creates a temporary bridge through which the natural laws of nature built-in to the creation can be altered briefly for a moment, a season or a time. We are created in Yah’s image, which means as we connect with Him, we strengthen the spirit within us in His likeness. The closer we are to Him, the more we start to look like Him and live, talk, walk, reflect Him in all we do and say. Our prayers become a life source, powerful energy that brings forth His desires to fruition. There is a lot to be said about the breath of life that was given to the first Adam if we can reconnect to that life source.

Prayer can take many forms. Worship, dance, meditation, scripture reading (praying back His words to Him), Psalms, songs, even intentional silence are all ways to commune with our Almighty Creator Yahweh Elohim of the shamayim (heaven). Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all other things shall be added to you.

Prayer is the master key. Prayer is to me as butter is to bread. I do not let an opportunity to talk to my Abba pass me by. That is how I survive. He gives me shalom, peach that surpasses all understanding. He gives me strength, He gives me hope, He gives me all I need to stay calm in the midst of even the strongest tornado no matter how hard I am being tossed to and fro. I know Yah is in control and He is my rescue. He will lift me up with His mighty right hand and outstretched arm. I love you Abba, thank you for my Meschiac…



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