Linen For Ageless Radiance

Clothe yourself in linen for ageless radiance, beauty you can feel. Linen is a cloth, fabric or textile woven from fibers of a flax plant. Linen garment is my go to year round for many obvious reasons which I will share with you.

Linen for ageless radiance flax plant

This Linen fabric makes bags, aprons, towels, napkins, tablecloths and runners; as well as bed linens or even chair covers. Most importantly, linen is ideal for men, women and children clothing. Because linen is so strong, very absorbent and quick drying, it makes for the best choice of clothing in hot humid and cold weathers respectively. This is due to it’s freshness, wicking, conductive, cooling and heating properties.

Linen dress with applique

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What Does Linen for Ageless Radiance Mean?

  • Cools and warms the body.
  • Heals dermatitis and other skin conditions.
  • Anti-microbial, annalergic and anti-static.
  • Good Heat conductor and electrically charged fabric for healing.
  • Comfort and modesty.
  • Beauty and confidence.
  • Ageless Radiance.
    Linen summer garden

What is so special about linen

Linen Garment provides coolness in hot weather and warmth in cooler weather
  • Thanks to the weave in linen fiber the fabric allows more airflow. And also because of the charge of linen and it’s conductivity, it does not cling to the skin. This allows the body to breathe.
  • Linen is a strong and absorbent fiber with high air permeability. That allows it to absorb perspiration from the skin but dries quickly. This provides a natural moisture wicking Consequently, better air flow over the body.
  •  Since Linen is a good heat conductor, it is not only great to cool you in the summer. But also great over layers in the cooler weather.
  • Linen improves with age. Gets softer with more washing. How cool is that?
  • Linen is the best fabric for towels, blankets, sheets, wash cloths and modest clothing.
    Linen nightgown

Does linen have healing properties?

A resounding “YES.”

Linen is from ancient times known to be anti-microbial. The seeds have been used in salves, and fabric is used in various forms to address skin problems. Not only is Linen anallergic, accelerating the healing of skin diseases. It is also known to relax, reduce the effects, and even cure skin conditions such as dermatitis.

Linen is anti-static which explains why it doesn’t cling to the body and generally stays clean longer as this naturally repels dirt. Linen is also a temperature-regulating natural insulator, like silk. Which is due to the fibers permeability and hollow core. This helps the body to keep cool or warm depending on the seasons.

The anti-static and hypoallergenic nature of linen, means that it’s good on your skin, and so sleeping in linen should help you sleep better.

The Challenge!!

Wear linen night gown and sleep on linen sheets and wake up feeling like a royal diadem!! It’s the little things that make a ginormous difference in wholesome living and longevity.

Better yet, clothe yourself in linen garments for Ageless radiance; beauty you can feel. The key to an easy day is sleeping like royalty.

linen sheet

Change your polyester sheets to linen and see the difference for yourself.

What do you use your 100% linen fabric for? Please share in the chat box below.



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