Morning Skin Care Routine

Firstly, morning skin care routine to me goes beyond applying creams and toners. Meanwhile I do take my skin care routine very seriously.

Hebrew Bible

However, my morning skin care routine begins with prayer and meditation on the scriptures. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes you will enjoy it so much you will be able to do 15 to 30 minutes soon.

What is morning skin care routine?

Unfortunately there are so many environmental factors that exposes our skin to a lot of stress.

So much so that no matter how old you are, a good skin care routine is a must. This helps protect your skin at any age and helps it regenerate. Sleeping well is essential for your skin to recover from stress and external elements.

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My skin care routine is easily broken down into these 3 simple easy to replicate steps. Alternately, you can add your own favorite products. I just don’t use anything on my skin that I cannot pronounce or spell.

  • Cleanse and wash gently (aloe gel, mild locally handcrafted artisan soap)
  • Toner (flower hydrosols for example rose water, orange blossom or lavender water)
  • moisturize (organic unrefined virgin butters. I have several in my collection but my go to is mango, cocao and shea butter. I also  have other rainforest Bazilian butters like cupuacu, murumuru, Tucuma, Kokum, Ucuuba, etc.

    Morning skin care routine, cleaning

I use essential oils at night before bed so I massage with aloe vera gel to lift the oils and exfoliate my skin.

Firstly, I grab my mason jar of DIY Aloe Vera gel from the refrigerator. While I’m there I take a sip of my DIY Aloe Vera Mouthwash so I can swish it in my mouth while I exfoliate with aloe gel.

While I’m swishing, I put some aloe gel in my palms, rub them together and then massage it into my face and neck. Equally important to massage. Helps exfoliate, and remove impurities that have surfaced through the night as your body rested.

No matter how old you are, protect and preserve your skin naturally and avoid harsh chemicals. This is how you maintain ageless radiance. As well as flawless, vibrant and youthful looking skin.

morning skin care routine, mask

Then rinse with warm water and leave damp.


After my aloe massage, I wash my face with bar soap. You are more than welcome to use your favorite face wash here. Even use a sponge or gentle scrub to further exfoliate. Then leave your soap or face wash on your face while you brush your teeth.

Besides, I use this time to water floss my teeth and then brush with earth paste. Then rinse with cold water and pat dry.

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I only use plant based toners on my skin. Not only do I skip the alcohol, but also the harmful chemicals. I make most of them myself but you can get flower hydrosols ready to use at your local health store or order it online.

If using a flower hydrosol like rose water, lavender water or Moroccan orange blossom just spray and press in with clean hands till absorbed. Alternately if it’s not in a spray bottle put some in your palms and pat on your face.


Finally moisturize. Again, if you believe in sun-blocks, serums, anti-oxidant creams, and all what nots be my guest. Knock yourself out. I do understand that some of these creams, serums and moisturizers have some great ingredients that have the potential to do a lot of good.

Vitamin C for skincare Essential oil cream

I just prefer to make my own. here’s a recipe you will love of my:

Ageless Radiance Skin Care Cream

I have never been privileged enough to be able to afford any of that stuff so I have done without all these years and I’m doing excellent without any of it.

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DIY Essential oil Face Cream

Most days my moisturizer is just olive oil in my palm or coconut oil with 2-3 drops of frankincense essential oil. I also use lavender, rose, juniper berry, myrrh, raw unrefined mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter or whatever I have sitting out. Sometimes I make a cream out of a mixture of these antioxidant rich butters and use it on my face, skin and hair.

After I moisturize, I spray 1-2 squirts of my rose water on my face and just leave it be. I don’t press or pat but let it soak into my skin on it’s own. Then I take my Vitamin C tablets for the morning. I also take B vitamins and some others we can talk about later.

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Natural sun block

Morning skin care routine, smooth skin

Why do I not use sunblock?? Well besides the fact that I was born in the tropics and believe my body produces enough melanin. So I have natural protection from the sun.

Nevertheless, while chemicals can protect us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in some sunscreen products may cause more harm than good.

So personally, I’ll take my chances with the rays of the sun. That has been in the sky from day 4 of creation when humans were living for 900 years with no sun block. It’s just not worth falling for the sun-skin cancer scare. I think it’s a marketing ploy.


Some people may need it sure, not like they make it sound on tv. That’s why I think these flower waters can be beneficial in a way that has not been studied or proven. Take a rose flower for instance. It has the ability to absord the beneficial rays of the sun without getting burnt. So I spray some rose water on my face on a hot day and the rose water naturally protects my face without the harmful side effects of things like

Hormone Disruptor

Ageless radiance skin-care cream

Many of these chemicals are considered hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body’s hormonal balance. Because estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop and grow, many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen.

Morning skin care routine, hair care routine

Some manufacturers are starting to remove some of the harmful ingredients from their sun block. There are some safer sun blocks out there you can get if you absolutely burn and turn red from sunshine. Which if you do, I will suggest it is not normal. You should find a functional doctor who will help you get to the root cause of your burns. More than likely, it is not just because the sun is bad.

Find a list of what to avoid when choosing sun block here EWG Sunscreen Guide.

 Can I just use toner in the morning?

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Yes you can however, it is always a good idea to wash even if you just wash with just water. The whole idea behind a skin care routine is to keep your skin hydrated.  Dry skin any time anywhere is a recipe for disaster in the present and long term.

Easily keep the skin hydrated, plump, healthy, vibrant, plump, agelessly radiant and flawless by drinking 8cups of water daily and washing your face at least twice a day.

After washing use any toner of choice. I also use my homemade aloe vera gel sometimes as a toner. My absolute go to is my rose water.

Benefits of Aloe vera

Should you cleanse and tone morning and night?

It is a good idea to wash your face at least twice a day and use a toner and moisturizer. Similarly, over washing with harsh moisture striping cleanser will leave your face dry and dryness is a recipe for disaster.

Alternately you can use a vitamin C serum at night but wash it in the morning. Flower hydrosols like rose water are great toners. As well as aloe very gel, homemade creams and unrefined butters like cocoa, mango and shea.

In addition, always wash your face after a workout to prevent breakouts, and wash excessively oily skin morning and night. For very dry or sensitive skin, stick to cleansing once daily in the evening. remember to wash off make up very well before bed.

Aloe vera gel
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what should be daily routine for glowing skin?

As simply stated above, glowing skin begins from within. I call it “Ageless Radiance You can feel.”

  • Drink Water. Hydrate your body, Drink 8 cups of water everyday to avoid dull skin and keep the body glowing.
  • Having A Good Diet which includes green leafy vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. So it supplies the body with essential vitamins and also proteins which is required for tissue building.
  • Exercise
  • Sleep well
  Exfoliate and massage

Morning skin care routine, cleaning

So as to get rid of dull decaying cells from the upper layers to allow youthful cells to glow.

Cleanse The Dirt:

Dirt, pollution and other environment toxic waste can accumulate on the skin and clog pores. This causes the skin to look dull

 Natural Herbal Toner

Vitamin c for skincare Face care

Neem toner works well for acne prone skin. As well as fresh tea, rose water, lavender water and  other flower waters.

Improves circulation and tightens the dermis to avoid wrinkles. Therefore use a good cream to keep the skin moisturized. I personally prefer using olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. Just add 2-3 drops of essential oils. You can use any essential oil you prefer just be sure to dilute the oil properly…


What is your ageless radiance beauty secret and morning skin care routine? 🙂


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