Oh how I miss you when you’re gone

For you my dear are part of me.

I wonder how you miss me too,

But you my love are only two.

I’m doing things to get me through;

Yah help me please, please see me through.

Oh How I miss you when you’re gone!!

I barely made it all this way,

For you my son do fill my day.

I watched your favorite show today,

And laughed at all your favorite jokes.

I went outside and played today,

Just didn’t feel the same today.

I have a song I cannot sing,

For you my love do sing with me.

I won’t be doing our happy dance

If you’re not here to dance with me.

Oh how I miss you when you’re gone,

I count the days till this is done.

I’m missing you…I miss my love

Oh how I miss you when you’re gone!


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