Yah Is My Delight!!

Yah is my delight!!
A poem expresses my feelings.
A song expresses my heart.
Besides, where is my radiance?
My יהוה YHWH, my Elochai!


You dress me up in Your Glory.
Then awake me up from slumber
You crown me in Your splendor
A royal diadem in Your hand

Yah is יהוה YHWH

Oh Yahwah! my El, יהוה YHWH my Elochai.
You give me a new song to sing,
Then give me a new poem to rhyme,
And also a new name as well.

You call me Your delight

Hephzibah! is my new name.
No longer forsaken
Since You delight in me
Indeed, You delight in me Avinu!!

Yah my Elohim

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Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 62:3-4


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